When water purification is a life-or-death choice

A new generation of water purifiers that purify drinking water for up to 10 years, and then shut off when it's needed for drinking, could make drinking water safer and more convenient, but it would also create new threats to drinking water supplies, according to a new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives.In its study, the researchers examined a number

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Why did you think I was drinking pure drinking water?

The article says, "The water was not diluted with alcohol.The water was pure water.I am happy I have done my job.""The drink was not contaminated with any bacteria or viruses," the article continues."No traces of the virus were detected on my body."The article concludes with: "I am happy to know that I have been treated with the proper hygiene and

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How to Get Rid of the Water Bottle You’re Drinking

Drinking water has been around since the dawn of mankind.It's a vital part of a healthy body.Drinking water, whether it's filtered or distilled, is a water purification tool.It removes toxins and impurities from your body.It also provides your body with minerals to help regulate your body's function.You can drink a filtered water bottle to get rid of the water you're

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