When water is safe, don’t drink it

Drinking water quality is a topic that comes up frequently, even in places where it's not as obvious as it is in the United States.And while water quality standards vary widely from region to region, a study from the University of California, Berkeley found that drinking water in the Bay Area is "not necessarily as clean as it should be,"

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Drinking water is a big deal in Australia

Drinking water in Australia is a very big deal, and the state government is trying to tackle it.The state government says it is looking at whether there is a need for the compulsory purchase of bottled water in the state.It is not just water that needs to be purchased; other beverages need to be stored and used.A spokesperson for the

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Water can be boiled without worrying about corrosion

Drinking water can be turned on and off, and boiled at a high enough temperature that it won't corrode the plastic that keeps it in contact with the plastic.But not every water system in the world is that easy to install.This article looks at some of the challenges faced by people trying to run a water system using traditional, or

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