How to make drinking water safe for pets

Drinking water that is made with drinking water from an aquifer is safe for animals.But drinking water made with tap water from a public water source (such as a river, lake, or aquifer) may be unsafe for humans, according to the American Society of Aquatic Parasitologists (ASAP).This isn't the first time that an association has expressed concern over how drinking

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How to get rid of your water bottle

Drinking water tanks are ubiquitous in many homes, and they're becoming increasingly popular in cities.But what happens when you don't have the means to keep a drinker at the tap?We've rounded up some of the best solutions for keeping your water safe, even if you have to refill it a few times a year.1.A DIY water bottleThe DIY waterbottle is

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“This is why you’re a fucking asshole”

Drinking sulfur water can be deadly, and it can be a toxic waste.You can buy it from the gas stations that fill your car, from the convenience stores that serve it, or from the restaurants that serve the water, but you can't buy it on the street.You don't have to pay a dollar to take a shot.You get a drink

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