Drinking hot water is no longer a rarity in New Zealand, with the country’s water authorities urging people to drink from water filters.

Key points:The new rules are aimed at protecting wildlife, and will also reduce pollution by reducing the number of people on the planetThe Government is hoping the new rules will reduce pollutionThe rules are being implemented as part of the countrys carbon sequestration strategyThe Government says the new guidelines will save New Zealanders $5 billion in the long-term, and help reduce pollution from the industry.

A new guide will be released this week on how to prepare for the new policy, which will start to take effect in January.

The guidelines are aimed primarily at protecting biodiversity, and reduce the number by up to 70 per cent of the animals on the Earth.

They aim to be effective at reducing the amount of pollution that comes from the water treatment industry, which generates more than half of the carbon dioxide pollution on the world’s land.

“The water industry is responsible for an estimated 20 per cent to 30 per cent increase in greenhouse gas emissions,” Environment Minister Rob Stokes said.

“This is not good for our environment or for the economy, so this is about making sure New Zealand stays one step ahead.”

Mr Stokes will also be releasing the new advice on how people can minimise their carbon footprint, including how to wash and reuse water.

The Government wants people to use filters that are made from recycled plastic or metal.

The filters are made of an aluminium alloy and are intended to be disposable, and only need to be used on certain occasions.

Mr Stoke said the new regulations would save New Kiwis $5 million in the medium-term.

“New Zealanders will save about $3 billion in total, so that’s the big number that’s important,” he said.

The advice was released by Environment Canterbury in a statement, ahead of a Government meeting on Thursday.

“There is a clear need to minimise the amount and types of emissions generated by the water industry and the amount that is being released to the environment,” it said.

It said the guidelines were an important step in reducing emissions, and it wanted people to follow them.

“It will help to minimising carbon emissions, which we believe is good for New Zealand,” Mr Stokes added.

The government is hoping to save $5.3 billion from the use of water from 2020-2025.

Mr Scholes said New Zealand had one of the lowest water consumption rates in the world.

“So you have to look at that, and make sure you are using water in a responsible way,” he told Radio New Zealand.

“I know it is a challenge for many people.

It’s not easy, and you have got to do your bit.””

I think the government will be looking at this, and I’m sure that we will be making decisions about the types of water that we use, and the types that are produced in the water sector, and how we use the water that is produced.”

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