Posted by Breitbart News on November 10, 2017 07:01:05The Sacramento Bee reports that the water is currently being treated for algae in the San Joaquin River, and that is causing the water to go black in some areas.

Sacramento Bee reporter Danica Lee, who was in Sacramento to cover the event, said the water in the water treatment plant is about a third full, and the water that is currently flowing into homes is almost half full.

“The water is being treated, the plants are doing their job and they are pumping it out to people and it’s not being treated,” she said.

“There’s a lot of water that’s not drinking right now.

There’s a big amount of that water that should be drinking right.

There is a lot that’s just not drinking.”

Lee said that it was unclear what the cause of the algae contamination was.

She said that the algae was detected in the Sacramento River, but that it had no effect on the water supply.

However, water quality experts are worried about the algae in Sacramento, because it is located in a water source that is usually used for drinking.

Dr. Michael Czuchry, the executive director of the California Environmental Quality Commission, told ABC News that the bacteria is known to be harmful to humans.

“It’s not good for you.

It’s not bad for the environment,” he said.

Czuchries water quality commission is in the process of monitoring the Sacramento water source, and said that they are confident that the problem is under control.

He said that there are no symptoms of water contamination in the city.

“We are getting good information and we are monitoring the water for a good source,” he told ABC.

“I think that we’re looking at a problem that is going to go away, but I don’t think we’re going to have to go all the way to the source.”ABC News reached out to Sacramento Bee, the city, and California Department of Public Health and Human Services, but did not receive a response.

California has been dealing with a number of algae-related water issues this year.

Earlier this month, a water district in Los Angeles was fined $5 million after testing a sample of Lake Mead, a major source of drinking water for the state, found high levels of algae.

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