Drinking water that is made with drinking water from an aquifer is safe for animals.

But drinking water made with tap water from a public water source (such as a river, lake, or aquifer) may be unsafe for humans, according to the American Society of Aquatic Parasitologists (ASAP).

This isn’t the first time that an association has expressed concern over how drinking water can be used.

In 2007, the ASPA published a statement stating that, “In the United States, tap water and public water are safe to drink, and many Americans rely on the use of drinking water for their health and wellbeing.”

The group also pointed out that tap water can contain bacteria, protozoa, viruses, parasites, and other toxins.

The group added that there are several different types of drinking solutions available that can help keep your water safe.

These include:• A tap water filter, such as the American Tap Water Co. filter from Amazon, or the Nestle Tap Water filter from the bottled water giant.• A filter for drinking water (such a filter is a simple device with a water filter in the bottom)• A water filter for the dishwasher or the dish detergent.• The Nestle Pure Tap Water.

The ASPA says that in the U.S., people use between 20 to 50 gallons of tap water per person per day, which is roughly equivalent to about a quart of tap, which has about 1,200 ppm of lead per liter.

The organization also said that drinking water in general is less toxic than drinking it from a municipal water source, which includes water from wells, water mains, and springs.

While there’s no specific data on how many pets can drink from tap water, it’s possible that it is relatively safe for humans.

For instance, according a 2014 study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, pet owners reported having fewer urinary tract infections and fewer cases of kidney stones in the days following drinking water that was from an outdoor drinking source.

“People do tend to have more problems if they’re consuming a lot of tapwater,” said Paul Schaffner, a microbiologist at the University of Florida.

“But they don’t have to.”

For more water news, check out Business Insider’s guide to the best bottled water for pets.

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