The answer to the question ‘What are the best ways to remove ‘crappy’ facial hairs?’ may be as simple as using a brush or facial cleanser.

According to the Hair Removal Service (HRS), it’s all about the ‘good, old-fashioned facial wash’.

The salon’s founder, Sarah, says she learnt to apply the cleanser from her mother, who had to use a plastic water bottle to clean her face and her scalp.

“It was a very difficult time,” she says.

In fact, the first time Sarah applied the shampoo was when she was 14, and it lasted for years.

Sarah says it was important to use the shampoo “because it cleans your skin and it’s a natural cleanser”.

The shampoo is formulated with glycolic acid and aloe vera, which are believed to help remove impurities and help prevent breakouts.

After washing, Sarah says she’ll use the facial wash to dry her hair.

Once dry, she’ll apply an exfoliating conditioner and moisturiser to remove dead skin cells.

But Sarah says her mother also had to wash her face once a day to remove dirt and oils.

Hair removal specialist Sarah says many clients choose to wash their face once or twice a day for an hour.

“[It’s] really important to wash your face to remove the dirt, which can cause breakouts,” she said.

She said if you are washing your face at home, you should also use a facial cleansers.

Her advice?

“I would recommend using a facial scrub to help you remove dirt, oils and dead skin.”

I would not use a cleansing facial scrub because you can get oily.

“Sarah says if you don’t feel like washing your skin, then you can apply a face oil and moisturising cream to help.

You can also apply a conditioner to the affected area.

And if you want to do more with your facial hair, Sarah recommends using an eyelash comb to help it grow.”

When you apply a eyelash, you’ll get rid to the excess hairs and remove the excess skin,” she explained.

To find out more about Sarah’s facial hair removal service, click here.

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