Drinking clean water is the best thing you can do, experts have said, after a lionfish was found swimming in a water supply in Queensland.

A large python was discovered swimming in the waters of Wollongong, in the south-west of the state, after it was spotted in November, according to the Queensland Department of Primary Industries.

It is not known what it eats, but the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service has advised anyone who finds a lion in their water supply to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

“There’s no other method to reduce the risk,” a spokesperson for the department said.

The department says it will not prosecute anyone for the lionfish, but it will be asked to contact the owner of the fish to discuss how to dispose of the carcass.

Wollongongs fish are found around the country, including in the Great Barrier Reef and on islands off the east coast of Australia.

However, the department says the fish are often found in areas where there are no human residents.

In December, another python was found in Wollongs water supply after a fisherman noticed it was being attracted to an electrical wire in the water.

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