The New York Times reports that the city is the epicenter of a burgeoning crisis in the city’s drinking water.

The New Yorker reports that there is an emergency, with residents reporting “a growing number of complaints of rashes, sore throats and other symptoms of a possible illness from a mysterious toxin called blue water.”

The New York Public Library says that the water comes from a single plant, located in Brooklyn.

The Times says that water from the plant is safe, but residents are reporting it is contaminated.

Water is coming from a plant that is located in a New York city borough that has been experiencing a severe water crisis.

The plant is called Blue Water, and it is located near Times Square.

The water is being pumped out of the city every three to five days.

According to the Times, the city has a history of getting contaminated from a contaminated plant.

Residents have complained of diarrhea, nausea and vomiting after drinking the water.

The Times also reports that some residents have been forced to travel long distances to avoid water contamination.

The story says that a small amount of the water in the New York river has also tested positive for the coronavirus.

This is just the latest incident in New York’s water crisis that has resulted in deaths and illnesses.

Earlier this month, an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, also known as swine flu, swept through New York.

As a result, New York has taken on the role of the world’s largest city, with the largest population of people and the second-largest concentration of flu cases.

In the past month alone, the number of coronaviruses has jumped to 11.5 million cases, and about 4,000 people have died.

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