In addition to being a great drink for the thirsty, the Lion drinking water is a great trend for millennials as they’re now in love with the water, according to a study.

The new research from Nielsen found that the lion’s share of water in the U.S. has gone up about 30 percent since 2013, and that’s been particularly noticeable in cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco.

“The lion has always been a drink for millennials, but now it’s a lot more appealing,” said Dr. Michael R. Lipscomb, chief executive officer of Nielsen.

The company released its report on water consumption on Monday, and Nielsen is currently testing the Lion water in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

A new study from Nielsen and the American Water Works Association shows that lion drinking water has been a huge draw for millennials and their families.

According to Nielsen, the lion share of drinking water consumption has increased by about 30% over the last three years, from 15.3% in 2013 to 22.1% in 2017.

Millennials also like lion drinking drinking water as it’s cheaper than bottled water, while being a more hygienic water.

According for the study, millennials have a thirst for water that they’ve experienced firsthand, with 72% of millennials saying they’re used to drinking water from a water source other than tap, according for the report.

That’s a huge shift from just five years ago, when only 40% of people said they used tap water, said LipsComb.

“It’s been a real evolution for millennials in how they’re drinking their water,” he added.

Lippscomb is not alone in seeing the lion in the water.

A number of research groups have begun to report on the trend of millennials turning to the lion drinking system.

According the study from the American Society of Civil Engineers, there are more millennials than ever using the water systems in the United States, with a large majority of millennials in their 20s and 30s now using lion drinking.

“There’s definitely been a shift towards lion drinking,” said Lipp.

“Millennials, whether they’re going to a bar or a restaurant or an office or they’re walking their dog, they’re looking to drink their water from the lion,” he said.

The report also found that lion consumption has been growing faster in urban areas.

“We’ve seen more young people using lion water systems, with the lion being one of the top-five water systems among millennials in that group,” said Michael R Lipscom.

“This trend is not just a new phenomenon, it’s really starting to happen,” he continued.

“When millennials see how much cheaper their drinking water system is, they want to try it out,” said Brian Giannakouris, CEO of the American Aquarium.

“They are finding lion drinking more affordable, too,” said Giannakis.

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