Posted July 11, 2018 10:27:50 For those who may not be aware, the water at Rabbit Hill in Sydney is a source of pride for many, including the local residents.

But for a while now, Rabbit Hill has been struggling to find the right way to get the water back to the people who rely on it.

With water prices on the rise, the Rabbit Hill water company has been trying to find a way to return to customers with less than a $1.40 per litre charge.

“They’re just trying to keep the water flowing and we’re not making the same money,” a Rabbit Hill resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told

“We need it for our houses, for our families.

And we’re just getting no water back from Rabbit Hill.”

In fact, water charges are set to go up for Rabbit Hill residents from Monday, July 19, for the first time since the company started paying water back in 2008.

It’s been an expensive process, with the water company paying $1,838 a day in water bills to customers, but now the water is starting to pay for itself.

“This is a really good thing, we’re seeing the water pay for ourselves and it’s going to help the water system,” the resident said.

The Rabbit Hill Water Company is in talks with the NSW Government about paying back water bills, with an announcement expected in the coming weeks.

But, if the Rabbit Hills water company can’t find a solution, some residents are considering making their own way to the city.

“It’s just like drinking your own urine, it’s just going to taste bad,” a woman from Rabbit Hills, who would only give her first name, Mary, told

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