The US is in the middle of a water shortage.

And while it’s a real problem, the United States is not the only one experiencing it.

The world’s largest population has an estimated 9.6 billion people.

The vast majority of them are living in the developed world.

And many of them aren’t getting enough water.

Water is a basic human right, and in many parts of the world, it is a necessity.

Water shortages are a regular occurrence.

The World Health Organization says that the world needs more than 1 billion metric tons of water a day to meet all of the people’s daily needs.

The problem is that some countries are not using the water they have.

The United States has a population of nearly 8.5 billion.

And for most of them, the water is very, very scarce.

Here are some of the countries that have problems with water.

In the US, the situation is much worse than in most other countries.

While the country has a massive population, it’s also one of the most water-drenched countries in the world.

The state of Washington, for instance, has an average of 3.2 million acre-feet of water per person, according to a study by the U.S. Geological Survey.

A growing number of Americans are finding themselves in this situation.

A recent survey by the US Census Bureau found that an estimated 1.2 billion Americans, or 4 percent of the US population, do not have access to safe drinking water.

In a country with a population just under 3 billion, that’s an incredible number of people.

But it’s even worse when you consider that the United Kingdom has a much smaller population.

So far, the UK has only one major aquifer, the East Devon Aquifer, which provides about 7 percent of its water supply.

This aquifer is so sparsely used that the British government has been forced to issue a water conservation plan for it, in which the government plans to spend $3.6 million to buy up enough water to supply the entire country.

That’s a lot of water.

That’s a serious problem.

Despite that, a lot more water is being diverted away from the East Coast than it is from the rest of the country.

The BBC reported that “more than 50 percent of all new water in the UK is diverted away.”

In the UK, the government says that more than 3 million acre feet of water have been diverted from the state’s aquifer.

But the BBC noted that the actual amount diverted is probably even higher.

According to the government, the actual total amount of water diverted in the year that the government collected data was less than 1 percent of total water use.

That is, the amount of new water that is being withdrawn is actually far higher than the amount that’s being diverted.

This is because the government doesn’t have a good idea of the quality of the water it has.

The British Geological Survey found that the aquifer’s water quality is poor, and that “water quality is an important issue for water managers.”

In a similar situation in the US in the early 2000s, the state of Delaware was forced to use up a lot less water than it had used.

According the Washington Post, the Delaware Aquifer was only able to draw about 1.4 million acre gallons of water each day, compared to the water the state needed to use.

In addition to these large numbers of people, the population of the United State is also growing.

That means that it is growing rapidly.

According an analysis by the Associated Press, “The number of adults in the United United States reached 1.5 million in 2013, up from 930,000 in 2005.”

The average age of the population in 2013 was 37 years old.

If all of this water was to be diverted away, it would require a massive amount of infrastructure.

It would also require massive amounts of water infrastructure, and a massive infrastructure of water-efficient appliances and devices.

The government is looking at building a massive new water-efficiency system to try to solve the problem.

That system would be called the US Water Reclamation Plan.

The plan would be developed in conjunction with the Department of Energy, and it would aim to create new water technologies that would cut down on water use and the amount it takes to produce it.

The US government hopes that the system will be implemented by 2020.

And the plans for it are already underway.

According to The Washington Post:The plan is a combination of technologies that include desalination plants, desalting plants, water-saving toilets, new recycling facilities, and more.

While the US government is working on the plan, water conservation groups are also fighting to improve the situation.

Water Conservationists say that the US needs to start using the much more sustainable water-reclamation methods, such as using recycled water from municipal sources.

Water companies say that if the government uses the more expensive water-

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