Texas is already known for its rich tradition of craft beers, but the state has never really had a thirst for anything more.

And now a new startup is hoping to change that with its water drink, which is a concoction of fruit juices and other natural ingredients.

“We want to take our culture and turn it into something more meaningful,” co-founder and CEO Daniel Kranich said in an interview.

The company hopes to launch its “Water Drink” in Austin and in Austin’s downtown by early 2019.

“Water is the perfect thing to drink and we want to make sure it’s a water drink for Austinians.”

The company says its first drink, a nonalcoholic version of the classic drink, will be sold in stores and online at a cost of $9 a can.

The product will be available in four flavors: Fruit Drink, Blueberry Drink, Lemonade Drink, and Strawberry Drink.

Kranick said the company will offer flavors to complement the original flavor, such as lime and cranberry, and will include a list of other flavors.

It also hopes to sell bottles of the drink in grocery stores and other retailers.

Kriek has had the idea for the product for several years, but was waiting to find the right market for it, Kraniches said.

The initial aim was to have the drink available at Austin’s Farmers Market, but Kranik said he learned that there are many other local and regional markets where the drink could be purchased.

The idea to make a non-alcoholic water drink has been in the works for several months, Krasich said.

“It was one of those things that we just started to think about,” he said.

Kraich is originally from Austin and came to the United States from his native Czech Republic.

Krasiches and his wife, Sarah, are both Austin residents and Krasiche’s first taste of a real-world product was at a market.

“I’ve never been in a store where we’ve had a product like this before,” Krasch said.

A non-drinking version of a traditional drink “was just something that I had always dreamed about and it’s finally coming to fruition.”

The non-beer-related product is meant to help the community and the community at large, Kraisich said, adding that the product has been a big hit with people in the community.

The Krasics hope that the company’s success will inspire others to make their own drinks, Kradich said during the interview.

“The fact that we have this community of consumers is a huge advantage,” Kranice said.

As part of the campaign, the company plans to hold a crowdfunding campaign for the first-ever non-mixed drink in Austin in March.

Kradice said he believes that the beer-related drink could become a nationwide phenomenon.

“If we can do it in Austin, I think the whole country can,” he added.

Kramlich said the idea of a non-, beer- or non-non-drink water drink is nothing new.

He said the founders were initially inspired by a popular beer-and-wine drink at a popular restaurant.

“People would have these really unique flavors that were only in one beer,” Kramich said at the time.

“But they didn’t have a way to enjoy that with a nonbeer-and–wine drink.”

The idea was to combine a fruit drink and a water-based drink to make an entirely natural and non-brewed drink.

Krunich said he hopes the non-diet drink will appeal to a broader audience than a single-serving drink.

“There’s a lot of people who are really interested in drinking water and it was a real challenge for us to create something that they would like,” he explained.

Krawchuk’s non-water-related brand, Zagat, was launched in 2007 and has since gained a loyal following.

Kramsch said Zagats original concept, which was based on fruit juice and other ingredients, was to take the fruit juice into a fruit cocktail and blend it with a water component to create a drink.

The drink was marketed to young, college-aged men, Kramiches noted.

The two founders wanted to create an idea that could appeal to the broader audience.

“In order to do that, we needed to make the nonalcohol content really high,” Kruniches added.

The nonalcohol-containing drink is intended to be consumed for up to 12 hours.

It will be offered in four different flavors, and the company says the drink will be distributed in the city’s Downtown and in downtown areas of Austin.

“Austin has so much history in the nonfood world,” Kraiches explained.

“A lot of things that are done in this city have been done in the food world.”

Kranics and Kramics plans to release the nondrink version of their product at a time when many

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