It’s true that rabbits can’t survive on their own.

They need your help.

And they can’t drink the water.

But that’s a rabbit’s point, not yours.

In fact, they are really thirsty, according to a new study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

It suggests that we should not have to pay for a rabbit drinking solution, even though there is no evidence that they actually need to drink the waters.

“We looked at the health of the wild rabbit population and determined that they can live with their natural environment,” lead author of the study, Dr. David Pimentel, a wildlife ecologist at the University of Colorado at Boulder, told The Huffington Post.

Pimentel’s team analyzed the drinking water of more than 2,000 wild rabbits from around the world and compared it to the water that’s collected in large cities.

The rabbits lived in places where they had to swim for a long time to find water, which is about half the water needed to produce one liter of water.

That means the rabbits’ drinking water wasn’t just fine for their natural surroundings, but it also wasn’t even as safe as it was for humans.

Piments team compared the drinking quality of the water collected in cities with human populations.

“We found that there was a much higher level of contamination of water with fecal coliform bacteria and salmonella than in cities where there were no humans,” Pimentels study concluded.

Pimental says the study shows that there are more ways for humans to get their hands on a rabbit than they realize.

“If we want to protect the rabbit population, we need to have more information on where the rabbit is living, where it is being cared for and when we need it,” he said.

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