The Water and Power Department said it would sell a filter for use in drinking waters in Washington state that would eliminate arsenic from drinking water.

The water filtration technology, which is not currently in use, has been developed by a Seattle company and has been tested on animals.

The department’s decision comes amid the ongoing contamination crisis in the Puget Sound.

The agency said it received a request for proposals on Thursday from an unnamed company for the filter and will make a decision on its purchase by June 30.

The product is a biodegradable plastic container that is easy to handle and can filter arsenic up to 100 times faster than standard filters.

The company would be required to provide proof of compliance with state and federal safety standards, according to the department.

The Washington State Department of Ecology will evaluate the technology, and if it is deemed to be safe, the company will have to test its water on site and ensure it is safe for drinking.

More than 50 people in Washington were hospitalized and at least six died in the state after drinking contaminated drinking water from April to July.

A total of 10 deaths have been linked to the tainted water.

In June, a Washington state senator called for the removal of drinking water testing sites from a state capitol building in Olympia.

“This is not about money,” Sen. Jim Ward (D-Seattle) said at the time.

“This is about safety.

It is about the public’s health.”

In a statement, the Washington state Department of Environmental Quality said the filter would not be used in drinking fountains or on tap water in the State Capitol, where it was first tested in 2015.

It said the agency is working to secure the necessary permits and permits for the new filter.

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