Infants are so dependent on you that they may not be aware that there are other babies around.

When babies are not being breastfed, they are often fed by their mothers and a bottle in the cradle is not a safe place to leave the baby.

Here are some tips for making a cozy and soothing nest for your baby.


Set Up Your Nest The first step is to make sure that your baby is in the nest box before the day is out.

If you are having a new baby, it’s important that your new baby is able to get into the nest without being disturbed by other babies.

In order to make this happen, your baby’s bottle should be turned on and connected to a light source and a fan.


Use Baby Oil to Clean and Wipe the Nest Box 3.

Make sure that the nest is clean and dry.


Place the baby into the crib or bed to help with feeding and to avoid disturbing the baby, as well as ensure that your nest is secure.

If the nestbox is not secured with a latch, it is likely that other babies may come and try to get in the crib.

Use baby oil or other household products to wipe the nest boxes and clean the nest if needed.


When you have your new newborn baby in the box, you can use a baby toothbrush to help your baby get a good grip on the nest and help it learn to stay put.

Make certain that your little one has access to a bottle to drink water.


Use a Baby Blanket or Pillow to keep your baby out of the nest Boxes are often made of cardboard or other plastic.

To help protect your baby, place the baby on a blanket or pillow.

You can also use a towel to cover the crib and bed so your baby can stay in the room without disturbing other babies, such as babies sleeping in the same crib.


Make the Nest with the Boxes and Bed Separately 8.

When your baby gets out of your nest box, remove the baby’s clothing and lay it flat on the floor.

You should then place the crib into the box and then cover it with a blanket, a towel or a bed sheet.


Wrap the crib tightly so that the crib does not get moved while you’re asleep.

This will keep other babies from getting in and out of it. 10.

Take the crib out of its box, wrap it with blankets and a towel, and then sleep in the new baby box until the next morning.

You will need to do this about every two to three days until the new crib is secure and baby sleep patterns are established.

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