How to handle kids drinking and bathing water: 1.

Never allow kids to drink or bathe in it. 2.

Always clean your tap water before you use it. 3.

Don’t let kids get into your water and you.


Be careful not to drink too much.


If you are worried about the safety of your children, never let them play near a pool or other body of water.


Do not let kids drink the water in your swimming pool or playground.


Always wash your hands after using water or using a washcloth.


Don�t give water to your children if you are sick or if you have a fever.


Never leave kids unattended in a vehicle or in a building.

10. Don���t leave children unattended or in the dark for long periods of time.


Never give your children alcohol or drugs.


Don��t use your children� swimming pool if there is a water safety issue.


Keep kids in a safe location by keeping them inside, and by not letting them go outside in the open.

14. Don����t let children play or use the pool for a long time. 15.

Don ��t allow kids outside if the temperature is high, or if there are other children in the area.


Keep your children inside your house until the water is safe to go outside. 17.

Don �t let kids stay in your house for long hours.


If your kids are sick, don���t let them sleep in the house.


If the temperature in your home is too high, don�t let your kids play in the yard or in your yard.


If there are kids outside in your neighborhood, don����t leave them alone.


Don\u2019t leave your children unattached for long stretches of time outside.


Never put your kids outside of your house, or leave them unattended.


Don’t leave a child alone alone for long times.


Don.t allow children to drink any kind of water, even water that is not water.


Don;t let a child urinate or defecate in the bathtub or sink.


Don™t let the doorbell ring during the day or during the night.


Donât allow a child to use a child toilet at home.


DonÂt let an adult child, an adult spouse, or a child of a family member, stay in the same room as a child or younger child. 29.

If it�s too hot, don’t let children stay in an enclosed area.


Never let children leave a playground unattended for long amounts of time, or in areas with heavy rain.


Don”t allow any type of loud music playing to distract children.


Never use a baby car seat or a baby stroller.


Don’™te never give a child a bottle, or put any kind, or anything that you might be tempted to use as a toy.


Don´t leave kids alone in a restaurant or store.


Don\’t allow them to use the restroom outside of the kitchen or dining area.


Donít leave food unattended outside of a refrigerator or freezer.


Don»t leave any food on a child’s plate unattended, such as chips, crackers, crackling crackers or candy.


Don?t leave anything in your children?s car unattended during a trip.


Don,t leave an infant or child unattended while driving.


DonÃ??t allow pets in the home, even if they have a collar or a leash.


DonDon�t leave pets unattended at a playground, indoor play area, or outside.


Don(t) leave your kids unattached or alone in the kitchen while you are out.


Don don’t leave children alone in an area where there is noise, especially when it is loud outside.


Don???t leave other children unattracted outside or in front of the house for a prolonged period of time in an outdoor area.


Don????????t allow your children to use your vehicle for long distances without being able to get in or out.


Don????t leave unattended children in your vehicle.


Don?”t leave the door open when children are in the vehicle.


Don”t leave door open while children are asleep.


DonIf you have kids that need help and need help right away, don”t wait for help to arrive before getting help.


DonT give water or other fluids to children if there were problems before getting water.


DonAvent the use of chlorine.


DonYou can have your child stay in a child restraint or restraint chair

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