The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) says that water is safe for babies to drink, and the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPSA) says there is no evidence to show drinking water is unsafe for babies.

But both say there are concerns about the quality of water for toddlers and babies, and that there are a range of ways to prevent potentially harmful bacteria from getting into drinking water.

Health Canada says drinking water should be safe for infants under 2 years old, and for young children over 6 months old.

For toddlers, the maximum age for drinking water for infants is 4 months old, the CFIA says.

“It’s safe for all of our babies to be drinking safe, safe drinking water,” said CPAE senior associate health officer, Carol Aitken.

“That’s our advice, and we are doing everything we can to ensure that that’s the case.”

A lot of the concerns, Aitkens said, are about bacteria.

The CFIA recommends using chlorine to disinfect water to prevent bacteria from growing.

The CPSA also recommends chlorine-containing products and using disinfectants to disinfect drinking water and utensils.

But in Canada, there are different ways to disinfect the water.

“It depends on the city, and what the water is used for,” Aitkowski said.

“In some cities, you might have to go in a water treatment plant to do that.”

In Canada, some cities use municipal disinfectants, such as chlorine.

Others use municipal bleach, which is not approved for use in drinking water because of the risk of contamination.

Aitkin said there is some concern that some of these chemicals can enter the water supply, which could lead to a rise in the levels of the bacteria.

“We know that we have a high rate of coliform in drinking tap water,” Aittkens explained.

“There is a concern that that could increase if we’re using chlorine-based disinfectants.”

There is some indication that it’s actually in the water,” she said.”

But we can’t say for sure.

We don’t have the data.

“For some people, it’s also possible that water that is disinfected with chlorine has a higher bacteria count, but is safe to drink.

Aitkins said that some cities have added chlorine to their water supply in the past year.

But the CFHA says it does not recommend adding chlorine to the water system.

The CFIA does not consider the levels that are present in water to be a health risk.

But some parents and others worry about how much chlorine is added to water in the cities where it is used.

The health agency recommends that people avoid using chlorine water, because it can cause gastrointestinal illness.

Some parents are concerned that the added chlorine is putting children at risk.

The CPAe said that it was not recommending that children under 2 drink bottled water, but instead recommended that they use water from a water source that has been tested and meets the Canadian Food Standards Agency ( CFSA ) guidelines for drinking and sanitation.

But Aitksen said the risk is not limited to bottled water.

She said that the CFSA recommends bottled water for all people and all ages, but added that parents should not assume that water from bottled water will be safe.”

When it comes to the amount of chlorine, if it’s not in the tap, it doesn’t really mean anything,” Aitsken said.

There are also a range (of) ways to treat the water, including using chlorine.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends chlorine as a disinfectant in drinking and other household products, such that water should not be reused.”

You should make sure that you’re using a safe and safe source of chlorine,” said Aitkins.”

For example, when you are drinking bottled water in a restaurant, you should rinse off the tap.

If you’re not, you need to use a bleach solution.””

So there are other ways to take care of the water that you could use,” she added.”

And, we don’t think that there’s a problem with chlorine.

It’s not a health concern.

“The CFSA is a federal agency that regulates the use of chemicals in the United States.

The agency also oversees the water industry.

In the U.S., the CFDA has a process for approving chemicals that could be used in drinking or household products.

It is also in charge of testing and certifying chlorine-treated water.

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