Drinking warm and refreshing water in Ireland is a proven way to stay healthy, according to health experts.

The National Health Service (NHS) said drinking warm and soothing water is a good habit to keep in mind.

Drinking warm water can help with sore throats, headaches and stomach cramps, the Irish Times reported.

Drink cold water instead, for a better experience, the paper said.

The Irish Times also said that drinking cold water is also beneficial for keeping blood pressure down, so people can sleep better.

Health professionals in Ireland say warm water should be the first choice for people who are dehydrated or otherwise need to be kept hydrated.

The Health Department said people should drink water that is within its recommended range and that those with allergies should limit themselves to water with less than two teaspoons of sugar.

Health experts said drinking hot and refreshing tap water is not recommended.

They also recommended that people drink water from the tap and drink it slowly and in moderation.

Dragons, birds and bees are also good options for drinking water, the NHTSA said.

Drinks in Ireland will cost €4.80 per 1,000 liters, according the Times.

Drone footage of Ireland is available on YouTube.

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