Trump’s team has been known to put up drinking water dispensers, but these have been pretty much useless, according a new video.

The footage, which was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, shows a Trump staffer, dressed in a Trump hat and carrying a water bottle, pouring the water out of the dispenser onto a table.

Trump, the former US president, is seen in the video shaking the water bottle.

It’s unclear how many people are in the room with the Trump aide, or how many bottles are being poured.

The video was uploaded by an account called The President’s Drinking Water and Vineyard, and the account has been shut down.

The account’s owner, Mike O’Leary, told BuzzFeed News he was “really hoping to see the video, but I am not allowed to watch it at the moment”.

The Trump campaign declined to comment on the video.

According to a video posted by The President, the campaign is now working on new ways to help promote the water dispenser, but Trump has also said he would like to see them replace drinking glasses with water.

“When I get to the White House, I want to get rid of the glasses,” he said last year.

“I want to go out to the people, bring them back, and say, ‘This is what you drink.’

I mean, I don’t want to hear it.”

Trump has also made a habit of tweeting about the water, often with misleading headlines such as “Water is the new Coke”.

The water is not just a drink, but also a treatment and disinfectant.

In the same year, he was photographed holding a water hose to his mouth as he spoke to a group of veterans.

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