Kirkland, Washington (AP) — Drinkers of fast-flowing, filtered drinking water may not be getting the benefit they deserve, a new study finds.

The study, conducted by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), found that water drinking by some Americans is at the very least not safe for drinking and bathing.

“It is very important to keep in mind that most people who are taking water for health reasons do not know what the risks are, because they are not paying attention,” said study co-author Matthew C. Rochon, a scientist at the NIEHS.

“Most people do not realize that water is a safe source of drinking water.

They are not getting the same benefit that people who do get the benefits do.”

The study found that among Americans, about one in five Americans drink at least some of their tap water from tap water faucets.

About 1 in 4 Americans drink water from a water fountain.

Some people are drinking from faucet pipes.

They have a lower intake of harmful bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal problems or diarrhea, which may be more common among people who drink at high rates, the researchers said.

The research team, which included NIEH researchers and water engineers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, looked at water quality in communities across the country and found that a combination of a good quality tap water and good sanitation are associated with drinking water that is at least as safe as drinking filtered water.

The water that Americans drink is generally filtered with a disinfectant called chlorine.

Most people get their water from drinking water fountains, or other tap water dispensers.

In a report published online in Environmental Health Perspectives, the team found that more than half of Americans have faucette-to-water filtration systems.

The water is then filtered using a disinfection process known as chlorine dioxide.

But when a person drinks filtered water, it is not safe to drink the water, the study found.

The results are the same when drinking from a tap.

The study also found that nearly half of all Americans drink their tap tap water with chlorine.

Drinking filtered water is not a health risk for most people, the research found.

But the results are important because the researchers say this is a common perception among consumers, and it makes it hard to change.

The most important thing to keep people aware of is that a significant number of Americans are drinking tap water that may not even be filtered, Rochons report said.

“This study shows that many Americans are not drinking the water they should be drinking,” said David P. Gans, director of NIEHLS and a former assistant secretary of health in the Obama administration.

“There is a strong scientific basis to believe that the vast majority of Americans drink filtered water for a variety of reasons.”

Drinking water from fountants may be healthier for people, but not necessarily for health.

The researchers said that drinking water from fountain taps may be less healthy because it contains bacteria that are often resistant to chlorine dioxide, which has been shown to cause illness in animals.

The authors said that people need to be cautious about drinking filtered tap water.

“We are encouraging all people to be aware of the dangers associated with fountant water and to limit the number of times they are drinking it,” Rochs report said.

“The findings are important and important because they may help inform the public on what drinking water is safe for them to drink,” said NIEHD Director Dr. Robert M. Nix.

“These results are consistent with our view that drinking filtered or nonfiltered water should be reserved for those who are most likely to benefit from drinking it.

And drinking filtered can have health benefits for people who need them.”

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