A new generation of water purifiers that purify drinking water for up to 10 years, and then shut off when it’s needed for drinking, could make drinking water safer and more convenient, but it would also create new threats to drinking water supplies, according to a new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives.

In its study, the researchers examined a number of potential technologies that could make it easier for people to drink clean water.

“The goal is to eliminate water pollution and to make drinking safe,” said study coauthor and water expert Richard Hahn, professor of environmental engineering at MIT.

“But we don’t have the technologies to do it.”

While it’s clear that people want to use water as a disinfectant, Hahn said the current technology that purifies drinking water could pose a new danger to drinking-water supplies.

A system of filters that use water from the same source as the drinking water would allow for a clean, fresh water supply for those who need it.

This system would also reduce the amount of chemicals used in water purifying equipment and would allow water companies to use more of the water they need.

But it also poses a threat to the environment, Hahns study suggests.

According to the authors, the technology for water purifications currently used in the U.S. is so efficient that it is nearly impossible to clean up after the water is purified, even if it’s necessary for drinking.

The authors examined the technology currently used for water systems, including filtration, water quality controls, and the treatment of wastewater.

While the technology could be scaled up to provide drinking water to millions of people, there are also a number other risks, according the researchers.

Some of the biggest problems the researchers identified for the technology are that it’s expensive, difficult to implement, and potentially unsafe for people with kidney disease.

Another issue the researchers found is that water systems are already dealing with some of the same issues that have been identified in people with severe kidney disease, such as lead exposure.

Lead poisoning can lead to kidney disease and other health problems.

Furthermore, there’s a possibility that water quality control systems could be compromised by contaminants like pesticides, and this could cause people to miss important water supplies.

Water purifiers have been found to be the main causes of water quality problems in the United States.

But the researchers note that it doesn’t seem that people with a chronic kidney disease or other kidney disease issues would benefit from water purifier technology.

For now, Hahs study suggests that water purifers could be considered as a means to reduce water pollution, and to reduce the number of health issues associated with drinking contaminated water.

But in the long run, it’s important to consider the potential health risks, he said.

More from the study: The study also looked at the effects of the technology on water quality.

In addition to the health problems associated with lead poisoning, the study found that the technology would reduce the pollution of drinking water by a significant amount.

When water quality was tested for lead and fluoride, water samples with lead and fluorine levels higher than 1.5 parts per billion were found to contain significantly more lead than water samples without these chemicals, according this study.

It was found that water samples containing more than 10 parts per million of fluoride were contaminated with more lead and more fluorine than water with a level of 1.4 parts per thousand.

Water samples containing less than 5 parts per hundred were tested for levels of fluoride.

Both the levels of lead and the levels found in drinking water were lower in water with fluoride.

In the future, it is likely that water filtrations and water quality will be used to clean water for drinking water and other uses, Hohn said.

But the study shows that water filtering systems could potentially have a role in water quality, he added.

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