Drinking turlic is a great choice if you’re sick of drinking bottled water.

Here’s why.


It’s a natural antioxidant This natural mineral that can be found in turmeric has been shown to help fight the harmful effects of free radicals, including those that damage the heart, kidneys, and brain.

And turmeric can help protect your brain from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other conditions, according to the American Heart Association.

So drinking turric acid from your own turmeric plant is a good bet if you need help fighting Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

But turmeric is also a natural vitamin and can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions.


It may help with anxiety and depression A recent study found that drinking turamium could improve a woman’s mood, reduce stress, and help reduce depression.

In fact, turmeric’s antioxidant properties may be so powerful that they can actually prevent anxiety, depression, and anxiety disorders.


It can treat psoriasis The compound in turamia can help relieve psoropharyngitis, which is a chronic skin condition caused by inflammation of the skin’s outer layer of cells.

The condition can be treated by taking a multivitamin that contains turmeric as a vitamin D3, or by taking turmeric supplements as a daily supplement.

But because turamias main ingredients are the same plant, people who consume turmeric are at a higher risk of developing psorias, according the Mayo Clinic.


It has antioxidant properties Some studies have shown that turmeric may have antioxidant properties.

One study in the journal of Science showed that turamius extract, a compound found in the plant, can have anti-inflammatory properties.

Other research has shown that the compound may reduce inflammation in skin cells.

But the studies all found that turlic extract was able to boost antioxidant activity, and the research hasn’t been replicated yet.


It boosts digestion and can help with cholesterol The compound found inside turmeric, turamioleic acid, can help fight plaque buildup in the intestines and help prevent heart disease and other health conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.

Studies have also shown that drinking a dose of turamios acid can improve digestion, and it can help lower cholesterol levels.


It lowers blood pressure This compound in curcumin, found in currants and other plants, can lower blood pressure, which can help prevent hypertension.

Other studies have also found that curcuma longa, the root of turmeric root, lowers blood pressures.


It helps with acne and redness, too It’s been shown that consuming turmeric could help prevent acne and dry skin, and this may explain why people who drink turmeric often report feeling less dry than those who don’t.


It protects against allergies and asthma This compound found within turmeric also protects against allergic reactions and asthma.

Studies show that turcumin can help to reduce asthma attacks and other symptoms of asthma.

But research has yet to be done to see if turcine can protect against allergic disease, asthma, or other conditions.


It fights cancer and helps with the immune system There are many natural compounds that are known to have cancer-fighting properties, and turmeric appears to have the strongest antioxidant.

However, turcium is also known to contain anti-cancer properties.

So turmeric-containing products can be especially beneficial for people who are sensitive to cancer or have other health problems.


It works to boost immune system This natural compound found naturally in turcini peppers and garlic can help boost the immune response, which helps fight the effects of infections, including cancer.


It reduces inflammation This compound is also found naturally within turcinis roots, so turmeric might be able to help with inflammatory conditions.

Studies are also looking into how turmeric protects against arthritis and other joint problems.


It is used in Chinese medicine The Chinese word for turmeric means “bitter medicine,” and it is used to describe the spice that is added to Chinese medicines to increase their effectiveness.

It could help with arthritis and pain, or boost the effectiveness of some other common treatments, according Chinese medicine experts.


It keeps the digestive system healthy There are other natural substances in turmics roots that have been shown in research to help control inflammation and reduce digestive symptoms, including the antioxidant curcubulline.


It might help with acne Some studies found that consuming a dose or two of turcuma extract or turmeric extract, two of the most common natural supplements, might help fight acne.

But other research has found that the two supplements are not as effective at fighting acne as turmeric.


It blocks the growth of cancer cells The compound that makes turmeric so popular for its anti-aging properties may also help protect against the growths of cancer and other diseases.

A 2012 study found curcum is a potent antioxidant

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