Drinking water is a key component of modern life, but how often do we need to take it?

A new report published by the Water Foundation shows that more than 80% of Australians will not need to refill their water bottles in their daily lives.

What does it mean for us?

Read moreAs part of its World Water Week, Water Foundation has launched its World’s Water Survey to gather information on the water use patterns of Australians.

“Across the world, around 80% people will not drink water from a bottle unless they have to, and the vast majority of that will not be the case in Australia,” said the organisation’s Director, Rebecca Farrar.

“So we need a clear understanding of what people actually drink, and how much of it we need and what the water quality is.”

The survey, which will be available online this month, will also give a clear picture of how water quality in Australia compares to other countries.

“We can use the data to better understand where we are on water quality,” said Farrars.

“For example, we can see that the level of arsenic in water in Australia is much higher than in other countries in the world.”

The report also highlights how we need better water education in Australia.

The Water Foundation surveyed the water consumption habits of around 4,500 people across Australia.

“A lot of the things we learn about drinking water are not necessarily what we need for our daily lives,” said Dr Lisa O’Brien from the Water Health Centre.

“The fact that water is one of the main components of our diet and the main source of water in our homes, but we don’t really know what is going into our bodies when we drink it, is a really important piece of knowledge to have.”

She said that while we don.t always need to fill our water bottles with water, we should do it.

“It’s important that we have a clear idea of what is actually in the water we are using and what is not,” said O’Briens.

“And it’s important we are drinking from water that is safe, that is not contaminated, that has no harmful chemicals in it, and that is clean.”

Water fluoridation, the use of water filters, and other water quality initiatives could also help to reduce water consumption, according to the Water Trust.

“Our recommendations suggest that we should not use water that we can’t get at home, or water that has been treated with a water treatment or filtration system that we don’ t understand, or that is contaminated,” said Professor Bruce McEwen from the University of Melbourne’s School of Public Health.

“But we also think that the water supply we use for our everyday needs should be safe, clean and safe for children and other vulnerable groups.”

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