Drinking water in a property is a complex issue, but there are a number of factors that can affect its quality, and it’s important to understand what’s involved.

Here are some of the key points:What is tap water?

Water is the main source of drinking water in Australia, and is typically available in large containers or in bottles, so is more likely to contain pollutants.

But, unlike bottled water, tap water does not contain fluoride, which has been linked to cancer, bone fractures and other health problems.

What are the problems with tap water in your property?

Some of the more common problems that can cause problems with your water include:Low pH:Some tap water is acidic.

The pH level of the water is determined by the amount of calcium, magnesium and sodium in the water.

Water with a low pH can make your tap water feel acidic, and will therefore be less likely to have the health benefits of drinking it.

High lead levels:Lead can build up in the body over time, and can affect health and growth.

Drinking too much lead can increase the risk of developmental problems, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which can lead to behaviour problems and learning difficulties.

Mild lead exposure can cause a variety of symptoms, including:Impaired memory:Some children may have trouble remembering what they see or hear.

In some cases, these symptoms may appear as a grey or yellowish tint in the vision, and some people may also have trouble focusing.

Some people may experience headaches and dizziness, and problems with balance and balance problems.

Lead poisoning:Some people have mild lead poisoning, where the level of lead in the blood can be too high to cause any health problems, but lead poisoning can also cause learning problems, learning disability, memory loss, attention deficit disorder, mood changes and mood disorders.

Some types of lead poisoning also cause cognitive problems, and are linked to behavioural problems.

Potential health impacts of lead exposure:If you drink tap water that has high levels of lead, you should check it for signs of lead.

Drinking water that is too acidic can cause harmful effects on your kidneys and liver, which can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

In some cases where lead is a problem, people with lead poisoning may not get the benefit of a safe drinking water.

The level of a particular pollutant is usually determined by what chemicals are in the tap water, so there may not be a perfect correlation between the level and the health problems that are causing it.

For example, drinking water with high levels are more likely than not to contain some form of mercury, which is known to be associated with the formation of mercury-containing dental fillings in children.

Mercury has also been found to have an impact on health in laboratory animals, and may affect the brain and affect behaviour.

It is not known if drinking water containing more fluoride can be a risk to your health.

What is filtered water?

Filtered water is filtered to remove the waste that is left after the water has been used.

This can be water from the tap or from the shower, or from other sources, such as garden waste, garden hoses or waste water.

Some filters, such a filter for household water, can also remove some of your drinking water contaminants.

The filters for home use are often labelled with a symbol for the type of water used, such and the amount used.

Some manufacturers also use a ‘p’ to indicate the amount to filter, which may help you decide which filter to buy.

The main types of filters for residential use are:A filter that is designed to remove contaminants, such the water used to wash dishes or to flush toilets, and to reduce lead contamination in drinking water (a filter that removes lead by reducing the amount dissolved in the salt water in the drinking water).

A filter for the home, for use on kitchen surfaces, for cooking purposes, and for washing dishes (a water filter that has been specifically designed to treat water in these applications).

A water filter with an integrated filter that combines the water from different sources, for example, from the taps, shower, washing machines or other sources.

This type of filter is generally used when you have more than one water source, for which you have to share a filter, and when the water you need is not safe for drinking.

A waterfilter that uses only one source of water, for the purpose of cleaning up after the use of household or garden water.

For a waterfilter, you may be able to use both water sources.

The water used by the tap is treated to remove lead, and then sent to a chemical treatment plant, which will remove any lead contamination from the water and remove it from the rest of the drinking supply.

If you have a filter that only contains a water source and not a filter to filter the water, the water filter is used to remove any water contaminants that

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