I don’t drink hot water.

I use a glass of cold water for coffee and a cup of tea to get through the day.

That said, I do enjoy a cold drink when I’m at work and I’m not usually too picky about it.

Here’s how I’ve tried to improve my drinking habits.


Get some water before you get up 2.

Get a cold brew 3.

Drink cold water after you get out of bed 5.

Don’t drink any hot water for at least an hour before you go to bed 6.

If you’re going to be out and about, don’t get a hot drink before you leave the house 7.

Take the stairs on a hot day, or if you can get on the escalators to get to your car 8.

If the office’s getting a little too loud, leave the room so that your colleagues can hear you through the office wall 9.

If your coworkers aren’t listening, say “hi” to them 10.

Drink some hot water before your office meeting 11.

Make your coffee in your desk drawer before you sit down for a coffee table session 12.

Make tea while you work on your laptop 13.

Drink a cold beer at the office after you go home 14.

Take a shower after you leave your desk 15.

Don a hot water bath while you sit at your desk 16.

When you’re at home, drink hot or cold water every night 17.

Take cold showers before bedtime, and use them to get your energy levels back 18.

If there’s a thunderstorm, drink a cold cup of hot water 19.

Drink hot water during the day, even if it’s raining 20.

Take hot baths when you’re in a tropical climate 21.

Drink warm water when you get home, even though it’s cold 22.

Drink water every morning before you head to work.


Drink any hot drink with water after a shower 24.

Drink your morning coffee in the morning, even when it’s not hot 25.

If it’s your first day at work, make sure you drink at least one hot drink.


If all else fails, you can drink water in the middle of the day if you’re doing something that takes longer than 15 minutes.

Read more Read all about drinking hot beverages in our article on the best drinking hot drinks.

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