Water from the mermaid pool in San Francisco has been shown to be safe to consume, according the Department of Water Resources.

The pool was located in San Mateo County on the Pacific Ocean off the California coast.

The state health department and the California Ocean Health and Aquatic Resources Commission are monitoring the situation.

“It was the best water we could find, so that’s really the good news,” said Teresa Spero, a spokesperson for the department.

“The bad news is that we’re seeing it spread out into the community.

People are drinking the water.

People have been drinking it for a couple of weeks.”

The pool is located off the San Mateos coast in the city of San Francisco.

The public health department is monitoring the water supply and is investigating the cause of the outbreak.

“We don’t know what caused it, but it’s very concerning,” Speros said.

“I think people should be cautious.

We’re not sure what the cause is.”

The department also warned residents to avoid drinking the waters, but added that water from the pool should not be considered drinking water.

“You shouldn’t be putting it into the water, or drinking it from the water,” SPero said.

The department has been testing the water in the area and is continuing to monitor the situation, she said.

While the pool is not officially considered a public water source, officials are urging residents to not use it for drinking, because it is not a public swimming pool.

Residents are also advised to contact local authorities if they notice any suspicious activity around the pool.

The California Department for Public Health said the pool was licensed to serve water for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the Public Utilities District of the San Joaquin Valley.

“To date, we have not received any reports of illness from the exposure, nor have any reported illnesses caused by drinking from the waters,” the department said.

People in the San Jose area are being urged to follow local water safety guidelines.

The Department of Food and Agriculture is advising residents not to drink from the Merriam Pool or the other nearby pools.

The Merriampool Pool has been in operation since September 2016.

The mermaids were reportedly caught in the water and are currently being tested for salmonella.

People should follow water safety advice from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“For more information about the Merrilampool, please visit the Merrillampool Facebook page,” the public health agency said.

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