Palestinians will have to drink tap water in an emergency in the West Bank in a bid to combat an outbreak of the coronavirus.

The water supply is at risk due to a malfunctioning hose, which is leaking water and causing corrosion.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said it would take measures to prevent the leakage, as well as to repair and replace the hose, but the situation was not under control.

The ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that water is being delivered to villages and residents would be able to use it to boil water for their own use.

It said that some residents had already begun to drink the water, and that the situation had improved since Thursday morning.

It did not specify which villages were affected.

A water supply to Ramallah and the West Nablus districts of the West of the occupied West Bank has been interrupted for several days, according to local media reports.

The Ministry of Health said it had installed a water tank to contain the leak, and water was being distributed to residents in some cases.

In the West Jerusalem district of Ramallah, which lies on the Israeli side of the Green Line, water was still being delivered and residents were using it to bathe themselves.

The district has not received any water from the Israeli government, and the local water company has been unable to deliver water for residents, according the district’s director of public works.

The West Bank is one of the few areas of the country where the Palestinian Authority has jurisdiction over the water supply, as does the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights.

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