This article is part of Polygon’s ongoing series about the problems and solutions to plastic pollution.

The water in your tap is what gets contaminated, but plastic is also a major threat to the environment, according to a new study published today in the journal Nature.

Researchers from Germany and Australia used a new approach to study how plastic pollution is spreading across the oceans, and what people can do to help prevent it.

The researchers looked at water samples collected in a number of countries around the world.

They compared the water samples with water samples from local ecosystems and the marine environment and found that a very high proportion of plastic was present in some areas of the oceans.

The research shows that the oceans are becoming polluted with plastic particles that are increasingly becoming common and have an impact on the environment.

There is evidence that pollution from plastics has become much more prevalent in recent years, and researchers think that plastic pollution poses a serious threat to ecosystems.

There’s a lot of interest in the plastic pollution problem, and the researchers are trying to help people make an informed choice when it comes to the amount of plastic in their water.

The study also found that the amount and composition of plastic pollution in the oceans is increasing at a faster rate than the amount found in the atmosphere.

This suggests that the plastic that is in the ocean is changing very rapidly.

This means that plastic could be in the water for a long time before we notice it.

We’ve already seen that the concentration of plastics in the seas is increasing over time, and we’re not getting rid of it.

That’s an important step, and I think it’s going to take some time to achieve the level of protection we need.

The authors argue that the situation is not too different to what we’ve seen over the last several decades in the land, air, and sea.

They also point out that pollution levels in the world’s oceans have been increasing rapidly for decades, so this is a very significant problem.

They note that ocean pollution is not just about the amount that people use, but also about the pollution that comes out of the plastic itself, which means that there are a lot more people using plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic containers, plastic bags.

They’re all contributing to ocean pollution.

It’s not just plastic that’s a problem.

Other materials can also be problematic.

For example, it’s important to remember that the marine biota is the largest source of plastic that we’re putting into the ocean.

And these plastics are often used in very harmful ways, such as by fishing.

The more plastic you use, the more likely you are to see this impact, according the researchers.

To make things worse, we’re seeing an increase in plastic in the food chain, which also contributes to ocean contamination.

It’s important for people to take steps to avoid putting plastics in their bodies and to avoid making food out of them.

And as we continue to shift away from fossil fuels, we need to do more to clean up the environment around us, including by cutting down on plastic pollution and recycling.

In the long term, we could see an even bigger problem.

If plastic pollution continues to increase, the oceans could eventually become a huge trash dump, which could threaten everything we have built over the past few hundred thousand years.

There are two types of plastic, plastic debris and plastics that have been chemically bonded together.

Most plastic debris is harmless and is easily removed from the environment as it breaks down.

But some plastics, such atrazine and polychlorinated biphenyls, are extremely toxic.

These chemicals are used in cosmetics and in many other products.

So to avoid further environmental damage from these chemicals, we should be very careful about what we put in our bodies.

This means we need more research on the health effects of plastics, and that is where the researchers’ new study comes in.

The paper focuses on the effects of different plastic waste products on the aquatic environment.

One of the researchers in the study, Professor Matthias Heuser, said that the more plastic we use, like plastic bags and plastic bottles that are commonly used in food, the worse the impact on our oceans is going to be.

We need to make it a lot harder for plastics to enter our bodies, because they’re just not going to do the job that they’re supposed to do.

Heuser and his colleagues looked at plastic waste from four different countries: the United States, Japan, Germany, and Australia.

They focused on plastic bags because they were a common source of pollution in all of these countries.

The other products used in these countries were not used as much, but there was still some plastic debris in them.

The study looked at the amount, composition, and quantity of plastic debris that was being removed from plastic bags in each of these areas.

It turned out that plastic bags contained up to four times more plastic debris than other products that were used.

The researchers also found a higher concentration of atrazines in plastic bags than other plastics, which are chemicals that are used to kill

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