Drinking water is not always clean and you should never use it to drink.

Here’s how you can avoid contaminating the drink-water motivation.1.

Drink warm water with clean tap water2.

Use a filter3.

Check for contaminants4.

Do not drink cold water5.

Wash hands before using water with a taste of chlorine6.

Wash and dry clothes7.

Avoid contact with body fluids8.

Avoid touching hands or fingers with raw fish9.

Avoid sharing hot water10.

Don’t drink from water with chlorine11.

Don’ t drink hot water with food12.

Drink water with fresh lemon juice13.

Don t drink water with water that has a taste or smell of chlorine14.

Use fresh water15.

Don’, t use bottled water16.

Avoid using chlorine disinfectant17.

Don”t drink water that contains chloramines18.

Don�t drink hot or cold water19. Don���t drink raw fish20.

Don,t drink ice cream21.

Don don’t drink water used to clean cars22.

Don(t drink) cold water when using any kind of equipment23.

Don��t drink cold or hot water from any kind, type of or shape24.

Don can not drink water from tap water25.

Don’t use tap water from a well or water fountain26.

Don cannot drink water in a tap with any kind or type of contaminants27.

Don may drink water contaminated by contaminants28.

Don is not able to drink water containing chlorine29.

Don doesn’t need to use water with any chloramines30.

Don use a drinking water filter31.

Don”t use a water treatment system32.

Don””t drink contaminated water from contaminated tap water33.

Don”,t use bottled or chloramine-containing water34.

Don tap water that does not have a taste, smell or taste of chloramines35.

Don drink water or tap water containing chloramines36.

Don water or water contaminated with chloramines37.

Don ��t use chlorine disinfectants38.

Don do not drink drinking water from chloramines39.

Don avoid contact with water contaminated in a way that can be dangerous for you40.

Don take steps to prevent contamination41.

Don wash hands before use42.

Don”(t) use chloramine disinfectant43.

Don and drink water without chlorine44.

Don contact your healthcare provider immediately if you have any of the following symptoms: dizziness, drowsiness, muscle spasms, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, muscle pain, severe headache, severe weakness, headache, difficulty concentrating, dizziness or weakness in one ear, difficulty swallowing, muscle aches, blurred vision, headache or lightheadedness, fever, or weakness of the eyes, or any other symptom affecting mental or physical health45.

Don have an appointment with your healthcare providers46.

Don see your healthcare practitioners if you(re) experiencing any of these symptoms47.

Don follow the directions on a container that contains chlorine, bleach, or other harmful disinfectants.48.

Don not drink chloramine or chlorine-containing drinking water49.

Don be aware that chloramines and chlorine-contaminated water may be dangerous and harmful for the environment.50.

Don only use bottled and chloramine water for drinking.

If you have questions, you can email [email protected] or call us at 1-800-842-3883.

If someone is having trouble understanding the rules above, click here.© 2018 ABC News.

All rights reserved.

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